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Gaspar Homart masterpieces.

Author: Виктория, December 30, 2014 в Uncategorized

I’m reorganizing my boards on Pinterest – mostly the ones with art nouveau style furniture and such. So I have decided to make special board on Gaspar Homar. I recently copied his music stand and art nouveau sofa.

Gaspar Homar was born in Spain in 1870 and died in 1953. 82 years, huh? Not bad at all. I found his biography only in Spanish ( and my Spanish sucks to be honest) but I managed to find out that not only he was a fantastic cabinetmaker but he also was into mosaics and house decoration, lighting etc.

Here is on of such houses, all the furniture is now in the museum in Catalonia:





















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Furniture books

Author: Виктория, July 30, 2014 в Uncategorized

I just love pinterest! Among all those boards on antique furniture – sometimes there are real treasures. This time I found some good recommendations on books about furniture history. Books are shipped, but before this wonderful discovery I bought some really good books too.

furniture books
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New books.

Author: Виктория, February 17, 2014 в To Read, To Read

I got some new books from Ebay last weekend. These are treasures indeed.

New books

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History of Furniture

Author: Виктория, July 2, 2013 в Furniture, History, History

А помните я хотела рассказать про книгу по мебели, которая мне очень понравилась?

Это книга по американской мебели, по 18му веку, но там есть куча идей и хороших замечаний, которые будут интересны любому,  кто подустал от сухих перечислений фактов в разных книгах по истории интерьеров.

Автор этого чуда – Джеффри П. Грин, книга вышла в серии Fine Woodworking, так что от книги можно было ожидать только хорошее.

Я разобью рассказ на несколько частей, ну а если вам доступно чтение в оригинале на английском, то настоятельно его прочитать, не пожалеете. Сегодня пока что про якобинский период.

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The Art of Marquetry in Russia

Author: Виктория, April 23, 2013 в Worth Seeing, Worth Seeing

I had to  make this break for several weeks, something needed a change of sceenery. So no tablesaws or anything even close to my usual equipment, just several pieces of embroidery, mini sculpture and some old books I remember from my childhood.

Here’s one of them:


I have a very good memory of how my Dad used to make one of the marquetry table tops (the original was from this very book). Unfortunately, this table top is gone somewhere now, at least I have this book and good memories.

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Блог о коллекционной кукольной миниатюре, кукольной мебели, румбоксах и кукольных домиках в масштабе 1/12. Информация о предстоящих выставках кукольной миниатюры, чертежи кукольной мебели и инструкции, советы по созданию кукольной мебели и румбоксов.