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Parquetry – done

Author: Виктория, March 1, 2010 в Uncategorized

All done – I just need to cut the paper off on the left side:) I’m pretty happy with it, though it could be better. Moving on to windows.

Picture 389

Picture 388

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Author: Виктория, February 24, 2010 в Roombox, Roombox

Hi everyone!
This weekend was looong, in Russia we had 4 day holidays, so I had a chance to start a new project. I can’t really go into details right now, but I hope I’ll show the whole thing pretty soon.
I finally managed to buy MDF, a bit hard to buy, all the shops that sell it don’t work during weekends and are outside Moscow, but I found one. So I bought 6mm and 10mm sheets (2m X 3m). I’m going to use them for roomboxes and maybe one more dollshouse.
I started with the parquet – and that’s when I loved my table saw. It’s so easy to cut veneer with it! We’ve found a way to make some sort of jig to cut it evenly (if you’re interested I can show you the whole process). As a result, it was possible to cut such little pieces

And these:

After that I started working on a parquet, it’s not sanded yet of course, not finished. At this point this is how it looks:

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Author: Виктория, January 23, 2010 в Uncategorized

Just found some pretty interesting source – It’s a subscription-based, and I really liked it! Lots of projects to make, interviews and such. I think I’ll need to buy a tablesaw!

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Some good finds

Author: Виктория, January 9, 2010 в Worth Seeing, Worth Seeing

I used to study Japanese at the uni, so sometimes I check on Japanese mini blogs. This one is one of the new ones I found and loved:-

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First blanket finished

Author: Виктория, October 13, 2009 в Uncategorized

I love uploading pictures! That’s why you see lot of them in my blog!:)  As it was very lazy day, I decided to finish the blanket.  I’m almost satisfied, I love Russian ornaments  and all, but this blanket, firstly it reminded me of Christmas time, remember all those nice sweaters? Then, when I finished I thought – it looks like a sleeve of a shirt, shirt in Russian style:)


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First Blanket

Author: Виктория, October 11, 2009 в Miniature Needlepoint, Miniature Needlepoint

   When it’s quiet at home, when you’re tired of everything and just want to spend sometime alone.
    Enough of words, I love embroidery! In my doll’s house there should be a lot of it – blankets, towels, tablecloths, curtains.
    I started with blankets for the bedroom on the second floor, I think I’ll finish it in couple days. I got through some antique Russian ornaments of 18th century and here’s the part of what I’ve done:

The ornament is easy, also I’m not sure if it would be on the bed or somewhere in the chests:)

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First floor

Author: Виктория, October 9, 2009 в Uncategorized

The first floor is finished.

Now I can officially say – I hate bricks.:) I love the result, yes, it was worth it, but the process, especially at the end, was killing me. When you just use the pattern or draw on the wall it’s much easier, you don’t think of the edges, those tiny parts you need to glue. With the “real” bricks you understand that you should have thought about the size of the bricks and the house before. I didn’t and I learned my lesson:)
To the good part – I also painted the windows. On the second floor too. Though I think I’ll paint them again later on. Also I need to fix one window because I didn’t like how it looked.

Yay! Next on my list – the balcony and the roof.

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Балясины. Снова.

Author: Виктория, October 2, 2009 в Uncategorized

Sorry for not posting anything new lately, I’m quite busy with my graduation work, though it’s second, it’s still lot of things to do.
We’ve finished the parquetry, I’m not going to use it in my doll’s house, it’s just for fun. Now it’s sandpapered and covered with beeswax.

I also finished making the balusters for the balcony, well I need to make two, that will be a bit bigger, so the whole picture would be something like this:

As you can see, the first and the last balusters are bigger, which makes the whole composition very nice.
For now, nine balusters are ready.

I really enjoy working on mini lathe, it takes time to learn but the result is worth it, besides I like the process too:)


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Parquetry in Miniature

Author: Виктория, September 29, 2009 в Uncategorized

We became huge fans of miniature parquetry!:) Several patterns are made, some amazing pictures downloaded.
Starting from the easiest one:


It’s 15cm x 15cm. White oak.

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Slow Progress

Author: Виктория, September 25, 2009 в Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP
For the very first time I tried to make a copy of baluster using lathe.
I used pattern and callipers. I can see several mistakes, and one is a bit shorter than another:)
Practice, practice, practice.
Hope I’ll have some good balusters for the balcony one day.

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