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Dollhouse bricks. Almost real!

Author: Виктория, September 22, 2015 в To Read, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP, Worth Seeing

There are some things that truly inspire. They can make you create a whole room just for them. And recently I found one in Russian social site. In one of the groups I saw a post about miniature bricks with lots of photos, and I was blown away. It’s hard to find an artisan in Russia who creates such complicated things (I’m speaking about technology and process involved) from scratch.
I loved the bricks and instantly wanted to buy them though I had no idea how I could use them, besides I’m making furniture mostly, not roomboxes (sigh). Minutes later I decided to make some sort of decoration for one of my items for Christmas Kensington Festival. I ordered 2kg of bricks.

Dmitry, an artisan who makes these bricks, was also very kind, he sent me bricks of another scale too (1/9) and half-bricks. Look how cool they are:

Brick wall construction

Lots of photos below:

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First floor

Author: Виктория, October 9, 2009 в Uncategorized

The first floor is finished.

Now I can officially say – I hate bricks.:) I love the result, yes, it was worth it, but the process, especially at the end, was killing me. When you just use the pattern or draw on the wall it’s much easier, you don’t think of the edges, those tiny parts you need to glue. With the “real” bricks you understand that you should have thought about the size of the bricks and the house before. I didn’t and I learned my lesson:)
To the good part – I also painted the windows. On the second floor too. Though I think I’ll paint them again later on. Also I need to fix one window because I didn’t like how it looked.

Yay! Next on my list – the balcony and the roof.

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In Progress

Author: Виктория, September 24, 2009 в Uncategorized

Finished one half of the facade. Almost. I didn’t expect it would take so much time. This was supposed to be fun!;)

Today I was watching  “Woodturning for furniture”, so I’m playing with lathe again – making   the blank for claw foot. Doesn’t look good for me, it’s a long road.



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Author: Виктория, September 21, 2009 в Uncategorized


I wasn’t going to post this because it’s still in progress, but here it is.

Half of the weekend was spent on glueing bricks, making  arches, it takes so much time, I didn’t expect it!:) Somehow, I decorate the house instaggered order. I don’t know why.:)

<div><img class=”alignnone” title=”1″ src=”https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_8AFzXUgU7Ik/SrdxfKzI4JI/AAAAAAAARcY/kNeO0x3r6BQ/s640/3.00004.jpg” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”427″ /></div>
<div><img class=”alignnone” title=”2″ src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_8AFzXUgU7Ik/Srdxm9KY-tI/AAAAAAAARcY/6d13SSVkPj0/s640/5.00003.jpg” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”427″ /></div>
<div><img class=”alignnone” title=”3″ src=”https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_8AFzXUgU7Ik/SrdxurGur7I/AAAAAAAARcY/lEk2FGGkhR4/s640/6.00002.jpg” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”427″ /></div>


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Bricks, vricks

Author: Виктория, September 9, 2009 в Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse

We don’t look for easy ways.. These days I was reading a lot of posts about making bricks, imitating them and so on.
In the beginning I was going to use clay bricks, made of Jovi white air dry clay. I made half of the wall – but I didn’t like the result. Besides, I had to paint it later. So, I was thinking of making simple molds for the bricks from  silicone rubber. Then I would try using alabaster as a brick material.
And here it is. First of all, I’ve made wooden bricks, I used balsa wood. And then I glued them to the sheet of plywood.

After that, I covered the surface with beeswax.
Then I used, hm, not sure if it sounds right in English – sealant compound. Pretty easy to use. I could buy white and transparent one. I didn’t have much of the white, so I used it just to see how it goes.  And here’s the result.

Unfortunately, I was right: I didn’t have enough compound, so it’s not a perfect form. But I know now how to make it, so I’ll try again with transparent compound today.

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