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Французский игровой столик – закончен.

Author: Виктория, July 5, 2023 в Uncategorized

The project I needed to finish two years ago. A French Game Table, the first one went to the auction at IGMA school. I was going to make two of them actually, but I didn’t have enough time to finish it. Besides, I realized that I needed to improve the overall design of the brass mounts, my porcelain painting skills needed an upgrade as well. The inside mount is designed and stitched by me on a 72 count silk gauze. The insert of such a complex form made me cry several times while mounting it, I’m still not very happy about it, but here it is. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with the whole thing to be honest. I’m happy it’s done. Time to turn the page and move on.



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Chippendale Firescreen

Author: Виктория, May 11, 2019 в Uncategorized

After pretty successful experience with higher count petit point, I decided that I can make another screen, but this time on 90 count silk gauze. I found this screen in a book dedicated to Thomas Chippendale 300th anniversary of birth. It’s pretty tall 169.5cm high, the screen itself is pretty large too.


I should also say that the original screen is fully made of wood, in my version a pole and a finial are made of brass. The finial was traditional too, but I made a parrot 🙂

The screen is stitched on a 90 count silk gauze, with Chinese silk floss.



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French Firescreen, the second version.

Author: Виктория, May 11, 2019 в Uncategorized

I don’t really understand how I missed that one on my blog, I took it to IGMA school last year and haven’t posted about it! This screen is a bit different, it has a higher count silk gauze (86) and different design, besides the frame has a different finish.


A bit of a process:


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French Firescreen

Author: Виктория, March 29, 2018 в Uncategorized


New chapter, new skill for me – miniature needlepoint.

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Petit point rug – WIP

Author: Виктория, April 23, 2015 в Uncategorized

A small progress on a petit point rug designed by Nicola Mascall. One page is almost done (and I have 15 more!)

Petit point rug - WIP

So far I made just one mistake and managed to fix it, the back is okay too 🙂

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Carving and needlepoint

Author: Виктория, March 18, 2015 в Uncategorized

I finished marquetry panels and started carving central door ornaments.  Last time I made my own pear plywood – and what was I thinking? Especially with boxwood veneer I had. This time I decided to use boxwood. And I love it! It’s such a great wood, no excuses .  I hope to finish carving tomorrow and then I’ll stain it and glue to the door. I’m quite happy with the details I’ve got now, hope that result will be even better.

Applied carving - WIP

As for something different – I got this beautiful pattern from  Nicola Mascall , when I saw it on Facebook I fell in love with this carpet, the colors are magnificent! I promised to myself earlier that I’d never do needlework again, I wanted to work on my bobbin lace mats, but with my baby girl it is quite difficult, she love the bobbins too much. I guess I’ll wait till she grows up a bit. Besides, this beautiful carpet, OMG! I couldn’t help myself!  This is my first time stitching with Madeira, quite happy about the result and the back is not bad either! 🙂

Miniature Needlepoint rug - WIP


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Petit point for pillow

Author: Виктория, January 14, 2015 в Uncategorized

My current petit point project – miniature pillow.  This time it is 49 count silk gauze. I was going to use it for a bed, but I changed the colors so I’ll have to use it for something else.

49 count silk gauze petit point

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Petit point

Author: Виктория, October 16, 2014 в Uncategorized

I caught a cold, so last week was out. I only managed to finish one item in Solidworks, pretty happy about it.

Among other good things – finished petit point “something”. I have no idea what I’d make with it, pillow or something for furniture, I started stitching another thing so later we’ll see and decide.

Petit point
It’s 72 count silk gauze, Russian silk.

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Shopping List

Author: Виктория, February 4, 2014 в Uncategorized

For my new project I bought some pearwood. I also decided to buy iroko wood, just to try how it feels.

inchscaled 003

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Author: Виктория, January 10, 2014 в Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, WIP, WIP, WIP

We had  very long holidays as usual. I wish I’ve done more, but what can you do. I made two wonderful fringes on bobbin lace, painted them, then realised I needed one more!

At the moment I’m working on a second chair, the seat upholstery is done, now it’s back of the chair I’m working on.


WIP - another chair

40 nails used, I think another 40 will go too.

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