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William and Mary dressing table – part 1.

Author: Виктория, March 2, 2016 в Uncategorized

I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the year, then I switched to making a workbench, and now I’m off the project for a week because of my daughter’s illness.
It was my first try using a lathe duplicator, and I’m quite pleased with the results.
But let’s start from the beginning. I start with cutting the legs, the turned part is bigger in diameter than the upper part. So I remove the waste with my router.


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Marquetry wardrobe -WIP

Author: Виктория, January 19, 2015 в Furniture, Furniture, Uncategorized, Uncategorized

These holidays were too long! I missed my tools and tablesaw:) Before them (damn, it was last year!) I started remaking marquetry wardrobe, which I didn’t even finish. I managed to cut side parts, today was a  lathe day!

Here’s the old version of the wardrobe:
Another marquetry wardrobe - WIP

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Author: Виктория, March 6, 2012 в Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP

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My first article dollplanet

Author: Виктория, October 30, 2009 в Basics, Tools and Equipment

My article on lathe techniques is up on Dollplanet site:



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Балясины. Снова.

Author: Виктория, October 2, 2009 в Uncategorized

Sorry for not posting anything new lately, I’m quite busy with my graduation work, though it’s second, it’s still lot of things to do.
We’ve finished the parquetry, I’m not going to use it in my doll’s house, it’s just for fun. Now it’s sandpapered and covered with beeswax.

I also finished making the balusters for the balcony, well I need to make two, that will be a bit bigger, so the whole picture would be something like this:

As you can see, the first and the last balusters are bigger, which makes the whole composition very nice.
For now, nine balusters are ready.

I really enjoy working on mini lathe, it takes time to learn but the result is worth it, besides I like the process too:)


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Slow Progress

Author: Виктория, September 25, 2009 в Uncategorized
For the very first time I tried to make a copy of baluster using lathe.
I used pattern and callipers. I can see several mistakes, and one is a bit shorter than another:)
Practice, practice, practice.
Hope I’ll have some good balusters for the balcony one day.

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Just for fun

Author: Виктория, September 25, 2009 в Uncategorized

Experimenting with my lathe:

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In Progress

Author: Виктория, September 24, 2009 в Uncategorized

Finished one half of the facade. Almost. I didn’t expect it would take so much time. This was supposed to be fun!;)

Today I was watching  “Woodturning for furniture”, so I’m playing with lathe again – making   the blank for claw foot. Doesn’t look good for me, it’s a long road.



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