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New Dollhouse Dolls arrived.

Author: Виктория, April 4, 2014 в Uncategorized

Dollhouse Dolls by Lyubov Morozova

These are not made for the commissioned roombox, they are already in their place. Though the dolls are also made by my Mom.

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Second Doll

Author: Виктория, May 20, 2013 в Uncategorized

These last several days I’ve been busy with working drawings for the upcoming project, so I had to stop working on my last piece of furniture, there isn’t much to do there, so I hope to show it to you this week later.  So for now, my second attempt in dollmaking – she’s about 7cm high, so it’s just the right scale.

I had to put some clothes on her, but I’m planning to make proper one later.  Sorry for the quality again, I didn’t have my own instruments, magnifiers etc.

Second doll

And of course, my main problem was face painting -no magnifiers, no proper light, and the result is not that good, next time  only with lights.

Second doll

And the last photo 🙂

Second doll

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My First Doll

Author: Виктория, May 16, 2013 в Uncategorized

My long-long holidays are over! Finally! I couldn’t wait to  get back to work, especially when there’s lots and lots of it ahead. It’s super hot in Moscow, seems like the summer has come.  During all this month I had no access to my tools and equipment, so the only thing that could entertain me was sculpting and stitching. So here it is, my first doll. It’s a long story, actually, during this year I was slowly learning sculpting and anatomy, I’ve manage to sculpt couple of skulls, heads, etc. The only thing I was lazy and reluctant to do  was a doll. With the help of my Mom I finally did it!

I love sculpting kids much more than grown-ups, to be honest. She’s not that miniature though, almost 17 cm height.

My first doll

She doesn’t have any clothes yet, I have to make some soon. I can’t say I’m fully satisfied with this doll, but for the first time (especially when I made her with instruments that were not mine, with bad lights etc). At least my Mom liked it. 🙂

I have another girl, perfectly in scale, but that’s a different story. I think I should make some furniture for my first doll too.

And some more photos:

My first doll

My first doll

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Sharing some photos

Author: Виктория, February 15, 2010 в Worth Seeing

Found some pretty awesome photos from mini shows in Italy and Spain|_8916.jpg

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Блог о коллекционной кукольной миниатюре, кукольной мебели, румбоксах и кукольных домиках в масштабе 1/12. Информация о предстоящих выставках кукольной миниатюры, чертежи кукольной мебели и инструкции, советы по созданию кукольной мебели и румбоксов.