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New table saw sled

Author: Виктория, August 19, 2015 в Uncategorized

Well, holidays are almost over, and I started a new project. My kid’s grandpas and grandmas are helping me a lot, as I need to prepare for Christmas festival in December. Several posts ago I was selling Proxxon table saw, I also have FET model, and I was going to buy Byrnes’ table saw after that. Well, I was too optimistic about that! At first, we moved to the new apartment, then all these sanctions and oil prices cause the horrible currency rate, and dollar price skyrocketed. Then I need some (hehe, some!) money for London trip. So Byrnes remains in my dreams only, alas.

But I still have FET, the only thing I didn’t have any jigs for it, and I need them badly!
My first must-have is table saw sled. This time I used acrylic and found a laser cut service that cut all the details I needed. I ordered actually three sets, but only one is assembled for now.
Acrylic 3mm and 10mm is used here.

Table saw sled

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Making circles with router

Author: Виктория, May 5, 2015 в Uncategorized

I’m all into these Youtube videos, making them is a very exciting process, so I totally forgot that my camera can make photos too! 🙂 So far, I made all the parts for the tables in art deco style. I needed to cut four perfect circles, so it was time to make one more jig (it was the third I think, previous jigs disappeared somehow).

Making art deco table - WIP

You can make perfect circles in different ways:

  • to be perfect at scrollsaw and cut everything by hand.
  • Make a jig for a tablesaw.
  • Make a jig for a bandsaw, but I think my Metabo bandsaw is too big for the scale.
  • Make a jig for a router, which I’ll show.

The jig is very simple and it works. You need to take some scrap MDF piece and a brass nail, you hammer it into MDF, and basically this is it.

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Wardrobe shelf

Author: Виктория, February 10, 2015 в Furniture, Furniture, Tools and Equipment, Tools and Equipment, Tools and Equipment, WIP, WIP, WIP

Today was about making a shelf. I needed to bend veneer sheets for it. But first I made some sort of pattern. I took quite thick piece of beech scrap wood and cut the same pattern several times, then I glued all the parts together.

Art nouveau wardrobe - WIP

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