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Today was about making a shelf. I needed to bend veneer sheets for it. But first I made some sort of pattern. I took quite thick piece of beech scrap wood and cut the same pattern several times, then I glued all the parts together.

Art nouveau wardrobe - WIP


Art nouveau wardrobe - WIP

Then I cut three veneer sheets, I also decided to try my veneer softener for it, well, just for fun, the veneer is so thin I could easily make it without the softener.

Art nouveau wardrobe - WIP

Art nouveau wardrobe - WIP

I leave it for couple of hours, then move on to sanding, staining and cutting the front part:

Art nouveau wardrobe - WIP
I also tried the old doors:

Art nouveau wardrobe - WIP

It’s a good thing I decided to make the new ones.

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