Art Nouveau Vitrine

Author: Виктория, March 19, 2018 в Uncategorized

Hinges are installed, time to show a vitrine.

Emile Galle Art Nouveau Vitrine in Miniature-3.jpg

Emile Galle Art Nouveau Vitrine in Miniature-4.jpg

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Art Nouveau Vitrine. Part two.

Author: Виктория, March 14, 2018 в Commissions, Commissions

I’m almost done with the vitrine. All I need now is install hinges. I tried to make them yesterday, but failed. Besides, I really needed to assemble the whole thing first. It was quite difficult, but I made it.So tomorrow I’ll start with hinges again, maybe I’ll be lucky!

By the way, the top and the bottom of the vitrine are all dry fit, I made it just for installing the hinges and after that I’ll glue everything in place.


More photos below.
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Tuscan Table.

Author: Виктория, November 12, 2015 в Uncategorized

Tuscan table with marquetry top

I wish I had two more days, just 16 hours of work, probably I’d be completely happy then. But, I have only three hours a day, and my kid is sick, so I finished it a bit earlier. Lots of photos below.

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New project, tuscan table with marquetry top

Author: Виктория, November 3, 2015 в Uncategorized

Almost in panic! Christmas festival is only one month away. And I only have time for one more item, this time it will be tuscan table. Lots of work here – carved legs with lots of details, turned parts, marquetry top, drawers… This table is kinda huge for me, legs are 7mm thick, quite unusual for me.



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Spice Chest

Author: Виктория, September 16, 2015 в Uncategorized

I didn’t expect it to finish so early! Less than a month, my personal record with the kid at home 🙂
The only thing I regret – I didn’t take any photos of WIP, when I was making drawers and legs. Making legs was fun! I bought a duplicator sometime ago, and I was really into trying it, because I heard rave reviews about it. But I didn’t have a chance because I was moving to the new apartment then I was busy with customizing my table saw… Then I had no time to install this damn duplicator, I have only forty to sixty minutes a day to work on minis, sooo… I did it the old way, with chisels and hands 🙂 But, it turned out quite good.


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Маркетри. Из соломы.

Author: Виктория, May 11, 2015 в Uncategorized

That awkward moment when you think you almost everything about marquetry and here it is! Something new! Several months ago I was re-watching Cartier collection videos on Youtube with marquetry process and mosaics and somehow I came across another collection – with straw marquetry. I heard only about Chinese tradition of straw pictures before, but this time it was miniature version! And I really wanted to try it.

Straw marquetry - WIP
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Majorelle armoire cabinet! Done, done, done!

Author: Виктория, April 7, 2015 в Uncategorized

I’m super happy that it’s finally finished, because I’m a bit tired of all these butterflies and leaves and curves, and want to move to something simple again. It was quite a job, but I managed to make it quite good. Overall, it was fun! I still need to make the inner frame for the central door to cover the “glass”, but it won’t take long.
French art nouveau armoire cabinet (Majorelle design)

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First marquetry panel

Author: Виктория, February 25, 2015 в Uncategorized

I didn’t expect that just one panel would take so long. But considering the fact that I have only 3 hours a day (except weekend), it’s not surprising.  The new panel is on the left, the old one is on the right. IMO, the new one looks much better. I changed the veneer background, color of mother of pearl, etc. And overall, I see slight improvements in my skill level.

Marquetry panel for art nouveau wardrobe

Next week I’ll start the next panel.

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Music stand

Author: Виктория, December 24, 2014 в Uncategorized

Well, it’s finished! Pretty happy with it – though I had my troubles with hinges, which was a surprise for me.

art nouveau music stand

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Marquetry panels – finished

Author: Виктория, December 22, 2014 в Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, Furniture, WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP

Well, actually the stand itself is almost done, but I decided to show a bit of process

Marquetry panels - WIP
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