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Французский игровой столик – закончен.

Author: Виктория, July 5, 2023 в Miniature Needlepoint

The project I needed to finish two years ago. A French Game Table, the first one went to the auction at IGMA school. I was going to make two of them actually, but I didn’t have enough time to finish it. Besides, I realized that I needed to improve the overall design of the brass mounts, my porcelain painting skills needed an upgrade as well. The inside mount is designed and stitched by me on a 72 count silk gauze. The insert of such a complex form made me cry several times while mounting it, I’m still not very happy about it, but here it is. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with the whole thing to be honest. I’m happy it’s done. Time to turn the page and move on.



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French commodes. Part 2

Author: Виктория, May 7, 2019 в Uncategorized

I wrote about these commodes many months ago, I was hoping to be able to update my blog very often, but some commissions happened plus I was very busy for my Chicago show, so it’s my first time when I can finally get back to my blog.


These two commodes are, of course, are done. They went to Tom Bishop Chicago International show, one of them came back to Moscow.

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Louis XV small commode – WIP

Author: Виктория, May 10, 2018 в Furniture, Furniture

Recently I started working on a commode I wanted to make for quite some time. I’m getting to the phase of my dream projects! First, Studley workbench, then Galle vitrine, and now this commode. I’m happy to be able to make things I wanted to make eight years ago when I started building miniature furniture. It’s a huge step for me, so I’m very excited.

I’ll be making two commodes. The first one is partially ready for assembling and making drawers.


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The choice

Author: Виктория, November 7, 2011 в Uncategorized

Совсем неожиданно как-то получился перерыв. А паркет уже закончен,  в этот раз рисунок в виде плетенки.

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Hall parquet

Author: Виктория, October 28, 2011 в Uncategorized

I have only one room to make the floor for. Right now, the drawing is ready. The hall looks quite simple. But I really like it that way. Read more…

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Parquetry for bedroom

Author: Виктория, October 25, 2011 в WIP, WIP, WIP, WIP

And another room is ready. Working on the parquetry took the whole weekend, and yesterday all I had to do is to make borders. All in all there were 1850 details to glue. And I have about 500 left.  The size of the floor is something about 38cm x 41cm. It’s quite big, especially comparing with the living room.


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Author: Виктория, October 21, 2011 в Uncategorized

This is the post for those who’s still interested in parquetry:)

This is the pattern I’ve chosen for the bedroom. You might not see that on the photo but I used three types of wood here – khaya, pear wood and cherry. The bedroom is huge, so when I printed the pattern I could hardly believe that the pattern was so big, had to check it twice:)  Right now I’ve finished only on third, so it’ll take a couple days.

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Living Room

Author: Виктория, October 18, 2011 в Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse, Dollhouse

The floor is finished.

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Parquetry – done

Author: Виктория, March 1, 2010 в Uncategorized

All done – I just need to cut the paper off on the left side:) I’m pretty happy with it, though it could be better. Moving on to windows.

Picture 389

Picture 388

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Author: Виктория, February 24, 2010 в Roombox, Roombox

Hi everyone!
This weekend was looong, in Russia we had 4 day holidays, so I had a chance to start a new project. I can’t really go into details right now, but I hope I’ll show the whole thing pretty soon.
I finally managed to buy MDF, a bit hard to buy, all the shops that sell it don’t work during weekends and are outside Moscow, but I found one. So I bought 6mm and 10mm sheets (2m X 3m). I’m going to use them for roomboxes and maybe one more dollshouse.
I started with the parquet – and that’s when I loved my table saw. It’s so easy to cut veneer with it! We’ve found a way to make some sort of jig to cut it evenly (if you’re interested I can show you the whole process). As a result, it was possible to cut such little pieces

And these:

After that I started working on a parquet, it’s not sanded yet of course, not finished. At this point this is how it looks:

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