New table saw sled

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Well, holidays are almost over, and I started a new project. My kid’s grandpas and grandmas are helping me a lot, as I need to prepare for Christmas festival in December. Several posts ago I was selling Proxxon table saw, I also have FET model, and I was going to buy Byrnes’ table saw after that. Well, I was too optimistic about that! At first, we moved to the new apartment, then all these sanctions and oil prices cause the horrible currency rate, and dollar price skyrocketed. Then I need some (hehe, some!) money for London trip. So Byrnes remains in my dreams only, alas.

But I still have FET, the only thing I didn’t have any jigs for it, and I need them badly!
My first must-have is table saw sled. This time I used acrylic and found a laser cut service that cut all the details I needed. I ordered actually three sets, but only one is assembled for now.
Acrylic 3mm and 10mm is used here.

Table saw sled

I wanted to glue the details at first, but decided to use pins, all the slots for them were laser cut as well.

Table saw sled

Table saw sled

Very important moment here – a fence, it should be perpendicular to the table, but laser isn’t that precise, so the sides of the fence were routed later.

My workspace finally has this wonderful mess 🙂 But it’s not for long, when we just moved here I didn’t have any system for organizing my tools, so some things are lost here somewhere. I need to put everything in order ASAP 🙂


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