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Or read this in Russian

When I started working on the interior I was a bit frustrated. I knew some general  tips about making it in Russian style, but how it would be in details – I had no idea. My solution was to buy and download some good books about Russian history and its material culture. I actually bought a lot of such books, and one was just great: I’ve found that, for examples, the walls in the houses of rich people were decorated with red leather (we’re talking here about 17th century not scary Communists, hehe:)) or with certain types of fabric. Hm, now I’m thinking should I do the same. I have some ideas, you’ll see:)

The next thing – pictures and photos of traditional Russian houses. Best way is to look for Kustodiev or Vasnetsov’s paintings. The rest – museums. And here’s what gets me – I live in Moscow, so we have pretty good, no, very good museums. One that you might like – is Russian Historical Museum (don’t know the exact name in English) on Red Square. I’ve been to it several times and I totally love it. But what would you do if you live… in Australia, name any other country. If  I were you I’d visit their website, which is bad, no, absolutely useless. The pictures there are sooo small – you won’t see a thing. And it’s not only about this website, check any museum’s page – I’m pretty sure most of Russian museums post very small pictures or don’t post them at all! Even Hermitage – damn Flash and Java, you can’t copy the picture (okay, copyright, I admit) but just the link I can’t copy (though somewhere I can, but still). It’s such a disappointment for me, if you don’t know Russian you won’t find anything, it’s very sad.

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