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Couple weeks ago I’ve found an amazing work of one polymer clay artist. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the country or name. There was another thing that attracted me – somebody on one Russian site posted the link to this artist’s works. It was obvious that the work was fantastic, lots of great details, colors combination – everything was perfect. There were a lot of comments, most of them were great, but some people were saying that “the pieces were wonderful but there was no soul in them”. I felt very sad for this artist, somehow I see such comments only on Russian sites. I can understand if somebody says “it’s great but it’s not really my thing” (because it’s very subjective) but saying “it doesn’t have soul” – I think is wrong. I’d never ride a car “with soul in it”.  What does this artist do to make his creation soulless? I just don’t get it.

The same happens with the term “handmade” (speaking only about Russia here). “I create it with my own hands!”, again, I’m puzzled – how you should work to call your product “handmade”. If you’re into felting, for example, and using sander for it (Bosch or anything similar), should you call it fully handmade? If you’re a doll artist and make porcelain dolls, do you have the right to call it handmade (you’re still using kiln, right?). Course you can! I’m not a specialist in doll, and I don’t really care  if you make it all by hands or using tools, if you’re putting all your soul into it or taking it out before work. I just need a good doll.

Long story short, I wanted to share this wonderful site with you, fantastic flawless miniature architecture, the author – Francisco del Pozo Parés. I loved this house the most. There’s an official site too (just click on the picture to get there).

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