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First try to make a chandelier

I think that July will be a month of making lights. On one hand, I have a commission, on the other hand I need to make a lot of lights for my dollhouse, and all this in art nouveau-ish style. I did several sketches, and probably will make all of these projects. I started from the easiest one, I used here a brass strip (remember my post about photo etching?). I’m not very good at soldering, my husband was very happy to give me some tips, because the last time I did it, I was about 10 years old trying to fix my ZX Spectrum keyboard (I failed:) and my tape recorder (this time I was lucky).  The results now a more satisfactory, but not good enough for me. Anyway, I’ve just started! 🙂 Drilling was easier 😉

First try to make a chandelier

For beads I used 4 mm and 2mm Swarovski crystals.

Bulbs are the smallest ones I could find in Moscow (I think they are used for cars). I’ll probably switch to LED lights, but these ones were easier to install.

First try to make a chandelier

First try to make a chandelier

Love these Swarovski beads, any porly made  chandelier looks just perfect with them. Very shiny, I should say.

I tried these lights in a living room as well. Not sure if I’m going to use this chandelier at all, but it was fun to make it.

First try to make a chandelier

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