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2,5 months! That’s how far Belgium from Russia is!  I ordered these silk threads in the beginning of December and only yesterday I was able to get my package. Unbelievable! My tracking number (I got it with the package, ha! 🙂 says that the threads arrived to Russia on the 1st of February, which I can hardly believe. But who cares now, I got my treasures! 🙂

Though I still blame those New Year holidays.

bobbin lace thread

Among all these goodies – white and black silk #300, #200, super fine egyptian cotton #240, also silk 100/2 and black silk 80/2 (which was given as a present).

To compare the thickness – from left to right – white silk #300, then cotton #240 then black silk #300 and then Russian silk #65.

bobbin lace thread

Silk #300 is super fine, I could hardly make a photo of a thread, I got used to cotton #170, but this one should be super hard I guess. I can’t think of a better color for paper (for prickings) and the size of a needle for sewing the work.

I also saw silk #320 on the site, but I felt that it would be too much, besides it was available only in grey color.

Here’s the site where I got all these wonderful threads  –

I almost got lost there, there are too many nice things to buy, knitting threads, for embroidery ( could easily be my next on the shopping list) – it’s amazing.

The only problem was – there was no information about delivery to Russia, so you couldn’t just order it from site. But it wasn’t the first time for me when I was discovering Russia for European countries 🙂 so I wrote them and everyone was very nice and helpful. And I got my present too! 🙂

So if you need some good, really good threads for your bobbin lace work, it’s a great place to explore.

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