The Art of Marquetry in Russia

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I had to  make this break for several weeks, something needed a change of sceenery. So no tablesaws or anything even close to my usual equipment, just several pieces of embroidery, mini sculpture and some old books I remember from my childhood.

Here’s one of them:


I have a very good memory of how my Dad used to make one of the marquetry table tops (the original was from this very book). Unfortunately, this table top is gone somewhere now, at least I have this book and good memories.

It’s funny how things change, I never thought I’d start making marquetry when I was a kid, I had different story for myself. And now when I came back to it, seems like I remember every single page and photo.


One of my favorite here:


Isn’t it gorgeous?


I never read the foreword back then, but now it’s so exciting, so many different techniques described, some interesting facts about the history of furniture in Russia.

Very inspirational for miniature, of course, I’m not able to start making it now, but it’s a perfect time to start drawing.



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