KDF, part 2.

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It was my first show abroad, so it was exciting to see all the people – old ladies with their grandchildren, married couples desperately looking for something to buy.

My first thought – nobody’s taking photos! It’s quite common, I’d say, very popular thing in Russia. Lots of people who came by just to take a picture. Here – it was mostly press, and some people who read about me in the magazine or knew me from my blog.  As for me, I was really shy to ask for photos – to see all those fantastic artisans, was a bit too much for me, I have so many things to learn, and their creations were really close to perfection.

At the start of the day so many people encouraged me, it was fantastic! They said that the style I’m working in is unusual, mostly they see Victorian or Georgian, so they were happy to see something new and fresh.

Then I was very lucky to see Kristin Baybars and meet Caroline Hamilton, she’s fabulous! She helped me with setting up lights for the table and gave some valuable tips about the set up in general. Everyone was surprised that I was from Moscow (for some people it was like 10 hours flight, actually it’s 3,5 -not that long).

Then there were some people from magazines – Dollshouse World, etc.

Well, everybody loved my art nouveau sofa with cabinets, the reason nobody bought it – it requires some special place, guess nobody had it 🙂 Nevermind, I think it’ll find very soon.

On the second place – Victorian game table, for marquetry and petit point. On the third – Morris chairs, I dearly love them too.

And the most important thing for me, and that’s why I went to KDF  – to hear everyone’s opinion about the technical side of my works, skills, finishing, everything. I was happy to hear many wonderful comments, it’s very hard to judge by the photos, so to see, touch is something you can do only in person.

Everyone loved the finishing, patina was very good and everything.

At the end of the day, there were not so many visitors left, the weather was beautiful, and everyone was outside.

I also was worried about the prices, and was glad to know they were very very reasonable, in some cases a bit under priced.  But I decided to leave everything as it was, and I’ll do the same on my site too.

Next morning the weather was even better. Kensington is beautiful:


Well, it’s just me 🙂


Seems like there will be the third part.

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