Rococo revival settee

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After almost three fantastic weeks on holiday I managed to get back to work and finish this rococo revival settee. I didn’t expect that upholstery would take so much time, but you’ll never know.

Rococo revival settee
The wood part was quite straightforward, I just did it 🙂 In the beginning I had know idea where to start, but I figured it out. Then there was upholstery that worried me from the very beginning. The back is asymmetrical, besides it reclines back so if you make deep button upholstery, you have to be very careful in planning buttons placement. Even if you have a grid, there is always a chance that you’ll have to make some changes on spot.

I bought several types of fabric for this settee – silk, cotton, batiste, crepe de chine. Silk and crepe de chine had to go – the last one looked like knitted fabric on the back of the settee, grrr. So I went with batiste – the only problem was that they all were without any pattern. So any crease or wrinkle made me mad. I knew you couldn’t do without them, it’s a complicated form, but I was very stubborn. Besides batiste is so thin and delicate, that it just made matters worse.

Though the back was difficult, the seat itself was a real nightmare, I wanted to do it without any folds and creases, I did my best – tried all the ways. I went through several forums and videos and realised that some upholstered settees and sofas in miniatures were not that real “soft” – the base was wooden or plastic, but I needed the real thing.

Anyway, I’ll post some WIP photos later, and show you some more pics:

Rococo revival settee

I really like the color of the fabric – it’s vintage, not too glamour, very soft and understated. The previous upholstery was blue batiste with bobbin lace trim, this time I made simple silk cord and I love the result.

Rococo revival settee

I didn’t have much fabric so I had no right for mistake.

Rococo revival settee

I used tiny beads from Japan as buttons.

Rococo revival settee

View from behind:

Rococo revival settee

I’m happy with the result, hope you’ll like it too.

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