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I promised to one of my Russian speaking readers to write this post about lacemaking in miniature. I have a special tag for it on my site, so you can check the previous posts. And here I decided to show you my favourite books and DVDs that helped me a lot.

I started with Russian tape lace, I bought several pairs of Russian bobbins and some books. The process was quite easy until I had to make some stitches that turned to be difficult to make when all you had was a vague description in a book. I went on Youtube and found out that all the good videos were in English and Spanish! 🙂 This was the moment when I decided to start with Torchon lace. Besides I bought two wonderful books by Roz Snowden about lace in miniature and most of the items were made in Torchon.

inchscaled 014

My first book was this one:

inchscaled 002

I still think this is the best one on Torchon, the photos are very very clear, so there is no problem with any element.

inchscaled 003

inchscaled 005

Then I moved one to Bedfordshire lace, though it was a bit early for me, but I learned so much from the videos! Christine Springett is a fantastic artisan, her videos on Bedfordshire and Torchon lace are still my favourite!

inchscaled 007


inchscaled 006

I also bought  several second hand books, but they still somewhere on my shelf, most of the patterns are too complicated for me.

inchscaled 012


inchscaled 013

inchscaled 016



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