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New chapter, new skill for me – miniature needlepoint.

Actually, I’ve tried stitching pillows and such on a silk gauze, but I’ve never did anything specific for my furniture stuff. So several months ago I found this screen that inspired me to try to make my own needlepoint design and stitch it. The screen was stitched on 72 count silk gauze with Chinese silk and Piper’s silk. It took me about a month or so, meanwhile I did a 3d model and only now I started actually build it.
I also decided to make two screens, after I finished stitching the first one I changed a design a bit and color scheme too, so it’s not finished yet. It’s a bit finer – 86 count gauze and Chinese silk.




Both screens are made of pearwood, with this one I didn’t know which finish to choose, my Instagram followers, all of them, said I should leave it as it was, just bare wood, no paint, no gilding, and that’s what I did, light finish with Danish oil.
There was a lot of carving involved like these flowers, and this one is actually too big, I needed 1,5mm in diameter.


The thickness of a frame is only 3мм.



Just a frame :


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  • Giac says:

    Привет Виктория,
    Нежная резьба по раме невероятна! Это так хорошо сделано, как и ваша изысканная игла. Это потрясающе.
    Большое объятие

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