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Kensington Dollshouse Festival

Author: Виктория, May 26, 2014 в Uncategorized

I finally got back from London, actually it was Thursday flight back, I missed my baby girl so much, that I decided to take a break and spend some quality time with her. Next week will be only about family, so I won’t be posting much except my impressions from KDF.

It was my first time in London at all, my first miniature show, so I was very nervous and excited at the same time.  I also wanted to visit several museum, but I guess this post won’t be about it,  some other time. First of all, there won’t be lots of photos – I was busy at my table, then when I had a chance to see other artisans’ tables – it was the last thing on my mind. Besides, photos won’t show the real beauty, you have to see it personally.

I arrived on Friday – before my trip I made lots of boxes for my pieces, at first I was thinking of making them with plywood, they all were  supposed to be laser cut. But all I had at the moment was MDF – turned out it was a real good choice. Everything arrived safely in two suitcases. I had only 17 boxes, not much but at the moment I had no idea  🙂

I have only one photo in my Instagram of the boxes before gluing them.

I ordered three sizes  – all the pieces were divided accordingly.

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Adell Venus Collection of Miniatures

Author: Виктория, August 1, 2013 в Uncategorized

If you read The Camp group on Yahoo, you probably heard of Adell Venus collection and the action that was held at 17th of July. I just couldn’t resist the pleasure of sharing this wonderful catalogue with you. What an exquisite collection!

From Adell Venus catalogue

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Video of the week

Author: Виктория, May 26, 2013 в Uncategorized

As you probably heard the new version of Sketchup  is out. I loved the new Extensions warehouse, they included woodworking category, everything looks pretty neat, before that I had to search for the extensions on different forums, so now it’s a bit easier. New icons! So unusual 🙂

And some videos I liked, the first one (not that particularly new) – How does a fine woodworker change a lightbulb?

And the second one – from Kickstarter. It’s a documentary trailer made by  Jogge Sundqvist – “The Spoon, the Bowl and the Knife”  – a film about Swedish craftsman Wille Sundqvist. Very touching story, you can read about it more and support the project  here.


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The Art of Marquetry in Russia

Author: Виктория, April 23, 2013 в Uncategorized

I had to  make this break for several weeks, something needed a change of sceenery. So no tablesaws or anything even close to my usual equipment, just several pieces of embroidery, mini sculpture and some old books I remember from my childhood.

Here’s one of them:


I have a very good memory of how my Dad used to make one of the marquetry table tops (the original was from this very book). Unfortunately, this table top is gone somewhere now, at least I have this book and good memories.

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Site of the week

Author: Виктория, November 23, 2012 в Miniature Needlepoint

Some interesing link for the weekend.

Natalia Frank started a very interesting series of tutorials, must read for those who are interested in miniature needlework – – A very nice book/catalogue about a history of Italian Lace, it was published  due to the exhibition of lace in Moscow. – one of my all time favourite blogs.

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Miniaturas Magazine

Author: Виктория, July 30, 2012 в Uncategorized

To all who subscribed to my site updates through email – sorry for Friday spam. I’ve been translating and moving some old posts from my English blog to this one. I totally forgot that I needed to disable my “Follow” plugins.

The good news this week – my first Miniaturas magazine arrived  yesterday. I’m totally thrilled,  I had couple of issues found on Picasa, some through my friends in Spain. I really wanted to subscribe to this wonderful mag, as it proved to be one of my favorite.  The only problem was – my Spanish not that good, not good at all. Oh, and there was another problem – no digital subscription. That’s what was stopping me actually. But when one of my English mags subscriptions expired I immediately thought of Miniaturas. It was worth it in the end.

The cost is about the same as some English mags, but the quality is beyond compare really. I love it to bits! 🙂  I expected to receive one issue, but I got two actually! What a great surprise!

Miniaturas Magazine

The quality of paper, photos is a-ma-zing. Period. Usually I skip through the pages quickly to discover only one or two articles worth reading, but this time I enjoyed every single page.

Miniaturas Magazine

Miniaturas Magazine

And a little present for me 🙂

Little present

The best way to learn Spanish, don’t you think? 🙂


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My site of the week

Author: Виктория, July 27, 2012 в Uncategorized

Well, sites, actually 🙂

I’m a huge fan of furniture hardcover books, big albums etc, but sometimes you need to find something simple or something unusual.

That’s when antiques sites come handy.

My top 3:

I love just browsing there, perfect source of inspiration!

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More woodcarving books

Author: Виктория, April 25, 2012 в Uncategorized

My first attempt to order books from Amazon UK, because delivery rates on Amazon US are quite high for Russia. The only problem is they deliver packages by airmail without tracking number. So I was a bit nervous about this order.

Woodcarving books


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New Old Book

Author: Виктория, April 5, 2012 в Uncategorized

This book has been in my wish-list for quite a  long time. I didn’t see any good reviews of it, you know, I’m too curious, always wanted to know what was inside. “Making Miniature Furniture” is out of print, I saw it on Amazon available from different buyers (mostly US), but later found it on  The book was available from UK, so I decided to give it a try.

inchscaled 002

This particular copy is 1997 edition, originally printed in 1988. It’s had a bit different approach than of Harry W. Smith, though I quite liked it. No metalworking chapters, only wood. Lots and lots about instruments, principles of work. There are no furniture projects like Victorian table or something like that, but mainly general – building frames and doors, drawers.

I liked these small references on different styles, nothing new, but still interesting.

Old Book

Color illustrations are great too, just loved marquetry work here:

Old Book

Too many details on this photo 🙂

Old Book



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Friday, Friday

Author: Виктория, March 2, 2012 в Uncategorized

This morning I’ve found that Google Friend Connect widget was gone. I have no idea why they decided to stop supporting it, but it’s not very good sign. I have e-mail subscription and RSS feeds in both English and Russian, Facebook widget, hm, I have to many widgets I suppose 🙂 I’ve installed another one, called Linky Followers ( is it any good?)

Among other news, I’ve subscribed to another British magazine –  The Dolls’ House Magazine. Very original title. I love that they have apps for Android and iPad together with So now I receive only two mags, both from UK.

Last month I cancelled my subscription for American Miniaturist and Dollshouse World  i-mags. I’ll never buy anything from Ashdown again, seriously.  Couple months ago I found that I couldn’t access Dollshouse World i-mag, at first I could see no pictures, and then all I saw was 404 error. I thought at the time that they have some problems with a server or something. After a month of this 404 error I wrote to UK office support. Actually, I was the first Russian subscriber, they didn’t even have  Russia in their list of available countries, I had to ask to add it back then (it was 2 years ago I think). Anyway, this time I got no reply. Also, suddenly the same thing happened with American Miniaturist i-mag page, again this 404 error, then and all ashdown sites. I’ve checked from different IPs, different ISPs, and found that I couldn’t access these sites only from Russian IPs, if I was using American proxy everything was just fine. I wrote the second mail to UK office, no reply again.

I thought, this is ridiculous, I pay for the service they can’t supply, I don’t even get the answer from Tech Support. This time I tried US office,  I received the reply saying that it was their new security policy, they closed many IPs to prevent hacker attacks (yeah, like I’m a hacker, right). They said they forwarded my mail to UK office, can you guess if I got the reply?And nothing about refund, nada.

I had to ask for it myself, and yeah, I didn’t hack anything, I prefer to pay for the service. Eventually they send my refund to my Paypal account, it wasn’t full, I got it for the remaining months. I was lucky here, because just several weeks ago Russian Paypal couldn’t accept money, only send them.

The best part of the story – I still receive spam from them asking me to renew my subscription. They just don’t remove my email from their list.



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