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Shelves – my small workshop

Author: Виктория, March 19, 2010 в Tools and Equipment, Uncategorized

I don’t have updates about roombox, but I found some time to improve my working space a bit. Thanks to my hubby I have couple of new shelves. I’m very happy to be honest. The only thing that worries me now is how to manage all the instruments I have – I mean jigsaw, mini lathe, scrollsaw, table saw and little Dremel project table. Mostly they are fixed now, and moving them is a big deal really. So we are thinking of making some sort of “construction” that would make my life easier:)
So many things have changed in less than a year – we moved into the new apartment just couple years ago when I wasn’t mad about miniatures. So we just thought today that if we were moving now, our apartment design would be sooo different – I definitely need more space for my hobby and basically all I can do now is to add some more shelves:) Well, I hope it’s all for the best.


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