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This morning I’ve found that Google Friend Connect widget was gone. I have no idea why they decided to stop supporting it, but it’s not very good sign. I have e-mail subscription and RSS feeds in both English and Russian, Facebook widget, hm, I have to many widgets I suppose 🙂 I’ve installed another one, called Linky Followers ( is it any good?)

Among other news, I’ve subscribed to another British magazine –  The Dolls’ House Magazine. Very original title. I love that they have apps for Android and iPad together with So now I receive only two mags, both from UK.

Last month I cancelled my subscription for American Miniaturist and Dollshouse World  i-mags. I’ll never buy anything from Ashdown again, seriously.  Couple months ago I found that I couldn’t access Dollshouse World i-mag, at first I could see no pictures, and then all I saw was 404 error. I thought at the time that they have some problems with a server or something. After a month of this 404 error I wrote to UK office support. Actually, I was the first Russian subscriber, they didn’t even have  Russia in their list of available countries, I had to ask to add it back then (it was 2 years ago I think). Anyway, this time I got no reply. Also, suddenly the same thing happened with American Miniaturist i-mag page, again this 404 error, then and all ashdown sites. I’ve checked from different IPs, different ISPs, and found that I couldn’t access these sites only from Russian IPs, if I was using American proxy everything was just fine. I wrote the second mail to UK office, no reply again.

I thought, this is ridiculous, I pay for the service they can’t supply, I don’t even get the answer from Tech Support. This time I tried US office,  I received the reply saying that it was their new security policy, they closed many IPs to prevent hacker attacks (yeah, like I’m a hacker, right). They said they forwarded my mail to UK office, can you guess if I got the reply?And nothing about refund, nada.

I had to ask for it myself, and yeah, I didn’t hack anything, I prefer to pay for the service. Eventually they send my refund to my Paypal account, it wasn’t full, I got it for the remaining months. I was lucky here, because just several weeks ago Russian Paypal couldn’t accept money, only send them.

The best part of the story – I still receive spam from them asking me to renew my subscription. They just don’t remove my email from their list.




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