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Be ready  to see lots and lots of new posts about bobbin lace! Just kidding. Two packages from UK arrived just before May holidays, and I’m very excited, I think a bit too much:) Don’t know why but I especially enjoy ordering something from UK shops, they pack everything so neatly and lovely, you’ll always find a note from an owner, which is also very cute thing. Well, it’s not common in Russia, just to be clear.

I ordered beginners set – 25 pairs of birch bobbins, that turned out to be much much smaller than Russian ones, on the photo below Russian is on the left:

New bobbins and dvds

I also bought Christmas pair of bobbins, loved them! I dread to think about it, but it looks like a start for a new collection for me 🙂 Some things you just cannot resist.

I spangled most of the bobbins, though I need to buy more wire and beads. And I need to remake the bobbins I made recently, they are too big, though the length is just about right.

Just trying my new bobbins here:

New bobbins and dvds

New bobbins and dvds

Nothing special, I’m continue working on beginners patterns, the process is very enjoyable.  I’m not happy with the threads, I bought them in Moscow, but for the learning purposes they will do I guess.

I hope to try these new threads soon (those with pink label), I bought №50 and №100.

New bobbins and dvds

Aaand the last but not the least – bobbin lace DVDs. I bought Bedfordshire lace DVDs, I went through the first one so far, the tutorials are fantastic! The author is Christine Springett, you can find her site here. Dvds arrived with a small note from her, which was very nice and touching. Well, what can  you do, we are not used to such kind of service :)))))

New bobbins and dvds

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