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proxxon planer

This planer was, I think, the last item on my wish-list. It always seemed a bit expensive to me, besides I used to buy pre-cut veneer, so there was no need to buy it back then.

A bit later I bought a second band saw  for cutting lumber, made my first sand planer (Cap. Obvious tip – I used wood lathe to make it). The only thing I didn’t like in it – was the amount of dust, you always have to keep your vacuum next to it turned on, and it wasn’t really useful when you needed to plane thick board. So, several months ago, I finally decided to try this mini planer from Proxxon.

It’s not very big, about 23cm x 25cm, it fitted well behind my lathe.

Here how it looks from the other side:

proxxon planer

You can also open the lid of the planer to clean the inside:

proxxon planer

proxxon planer

I like the fact that Proxxon also sells replacement blades, so you don’t need to sharpen them.  And a bit of a process – cherry wood before:

proxxon planer

And after:

proxxon planer

The surface is very clean, so you definitely don’t need to sand it.

Another important thing for me (not for those who have their own workshops) – is a noise level, I live in an apartment so that’s the first thing I think about when I buy  new equipment. This planer is quite alright, I’d compare its noise with a blender or something similar.

Now to not so good things – the minimal thickness of wood should be no less than 2mm, it’s not a big deal actually, I just tape my veneer to the thicker board, it works just fine for me. The second one – this awful aluminum table surface, it scratches the wood and most of the time leaves dark colored strips on it, which really annoys me, I have to turn over the board and plane it again.

Overall, nice thing to have, especially if you cut your own veneer.

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