Art Nouveau Side Cabinets.

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Well, it’s finally time to make side cabinets for my art nouveau sofa. 🙂 Here it is:

inchscaled 039 copy

I don’t even remember why I didn’t make them, I started making carved panels, they are somewhere, in one of five huge boxes with scrap wood, hehe. I won’t waste my time on looking for them. It’s much easier to make new ones. Besides I had a very rough sketch in Google Sketchup, so I made a new one in Rhino. So far so good, I found quite good mahogany strips, though I still need to make lots of veneer, 2mm.

inchscaled 002 copy

So I started with the frame, lots and lots of rails and stiles – I need to make two cabinets, not one 🙂

inchscaled 037 copy

I finally bought some Lego, well I was quite happy without them – with magnetic jigs and such, but sometimes I needed them badly for really small parts. Now I have three bags of this happiness;)

inchscaled 012 copy

I don’t know what to do with the rest of them:)

inchscaled 014 copy

About the cabinets again – today I thought that I’ll be fine with shop-made veneer, but it looks awful to be honest. It need lots of sanding and still I don’t like it. Anyway, my bandsaw was my savior. I made my own 2mm veneer, and need to make even more. Lots of panels here.

inchscaled 008 copy

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  • Given the number of Legos we have and have had scattered around The Scale Cabinetmaker website, it is beyond me how we failed to notice their use in scale modeling. Thank you for adding to our knowledge base. Another “toy” that works well for creating a 90 degree angle gluing jig are “wanted bricks.” They are infinitely useful for squaring and gluing roombox walls. Now that we have all of The Scale Cabinetmaker back “in print” (or more precisely as pdfs–, we can move on to creating some new materials, including a beginner’s book. Thank you again for the legos suggestion. Meghan H. Dorsett, Publisher, The Scale Cabinetmaker.

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